B-B-B-Baby and the Jets

Ok dudes, I know no one is sitting around in this beautiful weather reading design blogs (otherwise I would have had, like, a zillion comments on my hilarious post on wood last week).  (whatever).  Since my keen design vision and insightful comedy stylings are not to be lost on blind interwebs, I'm taking this opportunity to see if there really is anyone out there.  In each of these pictures lies a hidden clue.  Look closely.  I will supply hints along the way.  Let's see if anyone can find the golden trinket in each photo.

Hidden among this otherwise unnoteworthy photo of Sir Elton John's bedroom is the most amazing image you will ever see.  Keep looking.  It's there.  I promise.

A good night's rest and fresh eyes should help you to locate the secret image among this kinda lame office in Sir Elton's apartment.

Hint:  the thing that you are looking for does not have electric boots or a mohair suit, but it may or may not be chewing on a microphone.  You can do it!  I believe in you!

Ok, do not be distracted by the amazing snake photographs / mirrored console / silver curtains in the only room that is appropriately decorated for the rocket man himself.  I photoshopped in something special just for you here.  Can you see it?

Ok, that was hard.  do you give up?  Discreetly hidden in each photo was the world's most precious baby (under 18 months division) as seen at his very first 80s dance party.  No, Lady Gaga is not his godmother, but his real mommy is pretty awesome and doesn't think much of Elton John's apartment.  Can you guess who the baby is?

ps you can see the complete snooze fest of a tour here.  pps martyn lawrence-bullard designed it.

There's a Light At the End Of the Tunnel

To all you poor souls in the throes of snowy disaster: I know you are without power, and therefore not even reading this (and if you have -- by some miraculous happenstance -- found electricity, then you are almost certainly doing more important things than blog trolling, like taking hot showers and cooking food and flushing your toilets), but I'm giving you all a shout out nonetheless. Because living like a cave (wo)man in the ice age is totally lame (especially in the absence of exotic fauna, like saber tooth tigers and woolly mammoths) but y'all are some badasses, so I know you're gonna pull through with style. Also, I would like to congratulate you on snagging the most bitchin' moniker for a natural disaster ever: Snowmageddon. There is solace to be found in that kind of excellence. Well, whenever you get around to reading this, just know that I'm rooting for you. And to show my support, I'm shining some bright lights your way. I hope this post finds you soon.

damian russell

Blizzards suck, but white can still be alright. Bambi helps. via Damian Russell

andrea ferrari

Then again, nasty weather is the perfect excuse to get cozy and snuggle. via Andrea Ferrari

charlotte perriand

Charlotte Perriand fixtures light up my life. via Living Etc

glow owi

I'm sure the view from below is thrilling. via OWI

glow andrea ferrari

Ok, is it just me, or do those pendant lamps remind you of skin? via Andrea Ferrari


Message to Mother Nature. via Designage

damian russell

Might as well... SIT! Go aheaaaaaad annnnnd siiit. via Damian Russell

glow sasa antic

Calling all trapeze artists and lion tamers. via Sasa Antic

glow headboard

I love this headboard idea. via Style Files

elton john bedroom

Elton John is such a weirdo. via Pillow Mint


Nevermind the neon love letter, check out the hot Yves Klein gold flake coffee table. Hubba hubba. via Eye Spy

damian russell

Matthew Williamson's neon lit stairway is pretty much the sole reason Benny Franklin got crazy with a kite during a lightning storm. Electricity is a beautiful thing. via Damian Russell

Alright people, let's work together to kick Mother Nature's ass and ensure there are no more natural disaster posts, because the only disasters we should be discussing are entirely domestic. Disasters like: Erin desperately needs a new couch! Erin is dying to move baby Ike's crib out of her room! When can Karly remodel her kitchen?!

You know. Important stuff.