Dan Holdsworth

I still dream of unfolding my old 4x5 field camera, of throwing a black cloth over my head, cocking the shutter, and then waiting... and waiting. Landscape photography is about patience and time. It's about breathless observation -- inhale and stand stock still. Tack sharpness cuts both ways. I cannot count how many nights I stood guard beside an open shutter, straining to see what my camera would see. There are many gods in my pantheon of the vast view: Edward Weston, Richard Misrach, Edward Burtynsky, Andreas Gursky, and then there is Dan Holdsworth.

dan holdsworth

Holdsworth's works traverse the earth's edges, from Icelandic vistas to American roadways. Like Timothy O'Sullivan over a century before him, he is master of the sublime, charter of both romance and terror.

Using no tricks, no manipulations -- only film and the cool remove of omniscient observation -- he shows us the beauty and horror of an alien world that pulses before our very eyes.

And yet it's the same world we all live in. If you look very carefully you will see it here, there, and everywhere.