My List, Your List, Craigslist

As per your excellent suggestions, I have been feverishly scouring Craigslist for a credenza with sliding doors that will hide our fugly electronics. Last week, I found an insanely underpriced six foot long teak masterpiece that was practically located in my backyard (which matters because I am way too lazy to drive across town for even the bombest piece), but when I called it was gone. HELLFIRE. I am still obsessing about that stupid credenza, so note to CL sellers: delete your ads once items are sold, otherwise you are just a flagrant tease. Anyhoo, I thought I might toss a few goodies your way that I've noticed while searching for my own treasure. Hopefully there is something in here that will make you pee your pants with joy.

Let me tell you what makes me feel a lil leaky: Jack Lenor Larsen. I really love his vintage psychedelic prints, but you can be sure that the understated cobalt velvet upholstery on these fly chairs is still P.I.M.P. Buy them before a dealer (or I) get to them first. They're even close to my house... $150.

It's vintage 60s, it has a wooden frame (mahogany, according to the ad, but I doubt that is actually the case), and the upholstery is stupid good. Could it be a reupholstered Lafer on rosewood? Or is that the og fabric on walnut? Inquiring minds want to know. Buy it and tell me all about it. $300.

Vintage Wassily chairs "purchased decades ago at a Scandinavian store." $225 is not a bad price, but they have been reposted several times. Lowball these suckers.

Four shell chairs with Herman Miller bases, if you're into that kind of thing. $250 here.

Vintage chrome, lucite, and smoked glass, dinette. Change that upholstery, stat, and you've got yourself a winner. It's taking all my energy not to buy the set just for the chairs. $150 here.

80's black lacquer and brass bedroom set, made by Lane so it should be real wood under the lacquer. Comes with a six drawer dresser, vanity, corner unit, nightstand, and a full/queen headboard... All for $95. Say what??? That price is dumb. Snatch these puppies up for your disco shag coke pad.

Ok, this gem comes courtesy of a person that Karly and I can only refer to as troll lady -- I would recognize that filthy gravel trap of a yard anywhere. Friends, I shall never deal with the troll again (even though I see her EVERYWHERE around town, even at our very own garage sale), but if you do deal with her, don't take her meandering directions to her house in BFE for the gospel truth, and make sure you spray yourself for mosquitoes and chiggers. Also, I hope you like dogs and cats and chickens and geese and other wild animals. Motherbleeping chupacabra probably lives out there. It is a really cool coffee table, though -- reverse painted glass on iron, and a very nice size. $125. Check it out here, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Yep, it's that table. You know... THAT table. $99, which is half of what reasonable vintage dealers around town are currently charging. Offer less, because for some reason this gal has been up for a while. Buy it here.

Chintz is back, beeyotch! Even better when paired with woven rope end pieces. Such nice colors. This dude is a nice dealer, and he delivers. $300 here.

$50 for a two tiered, shapely glass and brass table that will go anywhere. Get it.

Is it wrong that I really like the cushion fabric? $35 here.

This fabric, however, is downright bilious. Someone PLEASE rescue these adorable Thonet cafe chairs (so hard to find with arms!) and rip that vile fringe off and burn it. $55 here, and consider your purchase to be a mission of mercy.

That's it for today's goodies -- get them while they're hot. I think I'd like to end with a little checklist for buying stuff n things off Craigslist:


Don't jack around -- leave your name, number, and email address, when responding to ads.

Follow up IMMEDIATELY, like within 2.2 seconds, if the seller responds.

Offer less than the listed price. Always. Well... almost always. Don't be an asshat.

Go look at this crap before you buy it.

Have a plan of action to pick up said crap. This may require requesting dimensions beforehand. Duh (and that is really a "duh" to myself).


Offer less than the listed price in your email to the seller. Do your dickering in person.

Respond to the seller's ad with vague inquiries and possibilities. Save that fun for later.

Give anyone your address unless you're sure they will follow through on delivery. And that the sellers aren't psycho killers.

Buy anything from the troll lady. Ha! Just kidding... that's totally up to you. Sucker.

Practice safe craigslisting and see you dudes Friday!

Space Age

I bet everything is clean in outer space. You can't really leave crumbs all over the counter, unless you enjoy watching space crumbs fly through the air, swirling about and forming their own little crumb galaxies and nebulae. Now that I think about it, it's probably gravity's fault that I have dirty floors. Maybe I should berate gravity and make her come clean up her mess -- You get over here, Missy, and sweep this up right now! Or I suppose I could just move to space. That would probably be easier than getting an invisible force to tidy my house.


Sadly, I don't think I'll get to move to space this year. It looks pretty far away, and I can't even fly across the country without waiting in lines and removing my shoes and getting delayed and laying over in every city between here and my destination. So what's a girl who wants to live in space now! stat! supposed to do?

space age


I think I should just pretend that I live in space. That's me, taking a shower in my new pod. Look how clean and crumb free we are! Aren't you jealous?

space age

Shoot Factory

Now I know that showering in a wiffle ball is not to everyone's taste, so I'm just going to go ahead and present you with an extra terrestrial roundup of down to earth proportions. I'm nothing if not accommodating.

space age


space age

Cote Maison

space age

Shoot Factory

space age

Ngoc Minh Ngo

space age

Elle Decor

space age

Karl Anderson

space age

Ngoc Minh Ngo

space age

Marie Claire Maison

space age

Richard Powers

See? It's so easy to space out. Bust open your white paint cans, dust off your Saarinen and Panton chairs, and start spaceing it up. Personally, I think step one in my new spaceification scheme involves painting the Hunny's fugly speakers shiny gold. The Hunny is a truly peaceable creature, but if I enact said plan, he will probably knock me to the moon -- Bang! Zoom!

Mission Accomplished.

Weekend Bonus For Raina

Because Nothing Says Mid-Century Modern like prosthetics:

eames inspired prosthetic leg

Eames inspired Prosthetic Leg.  The suit with shorts and sock-free loafers just scream Charles and Ray.  Pray tell:  is that really the best chair they could find for the photoshoot?  If you need to see more:

mood board

I have never once thought to make a mood board for anything, does that make me a bad person?  My favorite part of this board are the images of Steve McQueen:  above them it reads "for our persona, we chose Steve Mcqueen, the King of Cool..." (ellipses theirs)  Because nothing says mid-century modern like Steve McQueen.  Where was the McQueen inspiration when they dressed that model?  Look I really appreciate the idea of bringing good design to prosthetics, I even think Eames is a great inspiration, but just because they used dark bent-wood does not mean that they hit the mark.  They didn't.   Another thing that says mid-century modern:  tattoos:

eames tattoos


more tattoos

I was thinking of having the entire sears catalog line from 1924 tattooed on the back of my arm, but that's just me.

Prosthetics By Joanna Hawley

First set of tattoos by Nick Baxter

Second Set by Butter Fat Studios