I am Tired, So Look at This Art and Like It

I promise to bring you a few visual nuggets from this season's Round Top trip soon, but today I am coasting on fumes. Why is Texas so hot? In "spring"??? By the time we finished walking the outdoor grounds at the flea market I felt like a burned out, dessicated husk (but a dessicated husk with a bag of burnished loot). Tomorrow I'll share our bountiful booty, but for now I'm working on recharging my copper tops.

So without further ado, here are three posters by graphic designer Hyejung Bae that are designed to -- as Karly would say -- rock your face off. 18th century style.

Created for a concert of classical music played by contemporary electronic artists, these images represent the clash -- and aesthetic resolution -- of the analog and digital worlds. I'm thinking these would be perfect for an Acid Wasp room.

Happy Monday! Back fresher than ever tomorrow.