Trick My Sick (Day)

It's been a bit rough at Casa Erin. First I thought I swallowed a blowtorch, but nope -- that's just my throat. Now my similarly afflicted precious little munchkin is addicted to the sweet sweet taste of baby Tylenol, which he actually loves more than anything else in his tiny universe. Apparently it is formulated almost entirely of sugar. Oh, and my internets are going berserker. And I have (lovely) house guests coming. So in the interest of preserving what's left of my sanity, I'm going to make today's post short and (hopefully) extra awesome. That won't be easy, especially since I haven't got two synapses left to rub together. In other words, this post is totally random.

gold frame window treatments

I honestly can't decide whether these gold framed windows are tacky or fabulous. I must really be sick.

peeping pony

No ambiguity here: everyone loves peeping ponies.

bed nightclub

Guess what? This is a NIGHTCLUB.

dezeen sext pajamas

They probably hand out these sexy pajamas at the front door.

Well, I told you it was gonna be short, but it was fun while it lasted, right? Don't worry, I'll be back on Thursday, ready to attack the design world's thorniest issues -- like paint colors, and couches, and that kind of important stuff. It's a good thing I'm not sick very often.