Pattern Recognition

When it comes to decorating, I can really be a schizophrenic nightmare. I am inundated with a thousand new ideas every day as I peruse the web, and while I would like to try them all out right NOW (because I am not a patient person), I'm honestly running out of space and money for these killer brainwaves. I cannot squeeze one more single thing into this modest mid century ranch house (not that I would ever let silly size constraints stop me), and if I repaint one more wall (again), the hubs will probably divorce me. So, it's a good thing I have this blog to turn to. Because if I didn't have an outlet for all my collected fantasies, I would probably go berserk and paint pink graffiti all over my couches. And while that idea is vaguely tempting, the less crazy part of me knows it would not end well.

Nicolas Mattheus

This is all a very long and protracted way of saying, Look! I like patterns! Alas, I have no room for them right now (plus I want to move so I'm in decorating limbo (which is actually, seriously more like the 7th level of hell)), but I'm going to take some mental lithium so we can hang out together and enjoy these pretty pictures that I have hoarded for a while. And I will try to restrain myself from plotting new ways of implementing these designs.

Reto Guntli

Greg Natale

Jason Loucas

Marie Claire Maison

Francois Halard

M Design Interiors

Elle Decor

SR Gambrel via Elle Decor

Francois Halard

The Boundary via Even Cleveland

Living Etc.

Maybe someone out there can put my fantasy plans into action, but don't tell me about it because I will be hatefully jealous of your decorating freedom. Just kidding, I would love to see your awesome super patterned hotness. Send me some pics and I might even post them.