Design Crisis: Now With Email That Works!

An embarrassingly long time ago, our email stopped working and Karly and I were both just too busy to deal with fixing it. So if you tried to email us and got a message that left you wondering if you had accidentally contacted Ice Planet Hoth instead of us: Sorry. The good news is that our email is back in full force and WE READ IT. I'm not gonna lie, a lot of it is junk. But since we turned our email back on a few weeks ago, well -- as Karly said -- it's raining awesomeness. People have given us money (we wish we could run an ad free blog, but we are poor folk), people have invited us to do stuff (Ike's nursery is up at Ohdeedoh today!), and some other super secret, super good stuff has happened, too.

We can't tell you about that part yet. Bummerz.

But rest assured that we will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about it at some point soon. And know that your email will get to us... I'm talking to you, Margaret Russell. You were trying to contact us for help running the Conde Nast empire, right?

This flurry of activity has been amazing, but I also have a giant photo job going on, so today I'm just going to have to leave you with this:

This image was made in camera (no photoshop tricks, save the vector line overlay) by Dan Mountford, a 19 graphic design wunderkind, and it pretty much sums up my state of being right now: a little fuzzy, a lot dazzled, and dreaming of fantastic adventures.

Gotta get to real work now. In the real world, there are bills to pay.

Back tomorrow with a fancier post.