I'd Rather Be in Mexico

Despite holiday promises of renewal and rebirth, this weekend was full of snot, wheezing, and bad takeout food. Thanks, Jesus. Oh yeah -- and we put a bid in on our dream house, only to lose out to one of the TWENTY SEVEN other bidders on the property. So I'm taking the rest of the day off to baby my sick baby, and to lick my own wounds. (And maybe to start practicing my prayers.) I sincerely hope your weekend was better than mine. But if not, feel free to join me on a virtual vacation to Cuixmala, a luxury resort on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

I know -- it looks pretty shabby. Let's check out the rest of the place and see if we can handle it (or if it can handle us).

Dudes, I am off like a prom dress.

Who's with me?