The Best Craigslist Post Ever

Before the blackouts started in Texas, I was a craigslisting fool. First I sold this:

Then I sold this:

Hooray for me! Now all of this purging has opened up the extra space (and cash) to -- wait for it -- buy more stuff off craigslist. Thus far, I've been pretty restrained in my purchases. I did buy this rug for Ike's room:

But that was a necessity... relatively speaking. I know. It's a hard luck life I live. Anyway, I've been trolling craigslist like a crack addict, hoping to score a new (to me) headboard or perhaps even a fancy dresser, when what did I spy with my gimlet eye but this --  the most amazing craigslist post I have ever seen:

Queen Bedroom Set w/ Dressers (Black)

selling my bedroom set. its all black with a tempurpedic mattress. the only pics i have are with my friend and the snake so disregard them.

Yes peeps, this is for real. And still for sale. Now, close your eyes and try to remember what the bedroom set looked like... What's the matter? Can't you remember? For the life of me, I can't imagine what may have turned your attention elsewhere.

Happy Friday! Hope you stay as cozy and warm as a snake in a den.