Since When Did I Want a Cozy Cottage?

First of all, I have to thank DC reader Elizabeth for reminding me about M. Design Interiors last week.  You know, M. Design, the design firm that brought us the potty that launched a thousand blog posts:

Yes, you know this room, it lives in this house:

On any other day of my life I would move into this house before you could say flexible interest rate, but today, well, today another one of their interiors is catching my eye.   It's an odd choice for me, given my affinity for 70s porn inspired homes, but I think this nesting business has gotten the best of me because today I want to live behind these doors:

Not wanting to change a thing about the landscaping around this cozy cottage.  Yes I know bamboo is invasive.  Zip it.

Look what awaits me inside!  I could sit the hell out of those leather chairs.  Erin can sit in one too, we will then discuss what will replace that sofa.  In this fantasy I'm not pregnant and I'm on my third vodka tonic, fyi.

This is where I sleep off my hangover.

Call me crazy but today this is really working for me

Sorry about the pink color block, it's on the M. Design website and in my cottage fantasy I don't have to use photoshop in order to write a blog post.

Ok, ok, I know the rest of America is knee deep in autumn, but it's still 90 degrees here and this outdoor shower looks like a great place to recover from that boozy nap I took earlier in this post.

On a side note:  Elizabeth also mentioned that the head designer for M. Designs is the sister of the blond on Modern Family.  Hot Goss!  On a side side note, one of the reasons I don't watch that show is because I don't buy the blond and that dude as a couple.  I like both characters just fine, but I really don't believe them together.  Sorry everyone, just sayin.