Birds is the Word Again

So it's 9:30 on Monday night and I've just gotten off the plane from my trip to Albuquerque, where I got to check out more than a few awesome Bart Price houses (alas, still not from inside).  Congratulations to both Sherri and Freshly Found for their laser-like accuracy in Friday's where in the world contest, you made my decision tricky so you will both win bracelets from Naughty Secretary Club. Hooray!! Anyhoodle, as I mentioned, I'm fresh off the plane and have just returned to my computer after 4 days of work-free-best-friend's-wedding-bliss.  Despite my begrudging return to the real world, all is not so bad as my inbox included brand new pics of the newest Birds Barbershop taken by our own Ms. Erin.

You may remember that Erin took these pics of Birds on East Sixth just a couple of months ago.  The newest shop has a 3D mural created by local party planner extraordinaire and all-around badass, Luther Himes.  Psst... remember those 3D party pics I posted last week?  See, it's all coming together, right?

My favorite part of the shop is the 35 foot long wall with the black and metallic silver chevron stripe.  I had originally suggested a wide, angled stripe, then Joel Mozersky suggested we make it a chevron while at lunch one day.  I gave the design to our painter who then suggested that we put it at an angle.  So, it was a 3-way collaboration.  Yay!  Collaborative success!

Oh, unfortunately, at the last minute they had to put that ugly AC in.  But at least it's nice and cozy in there now.

That AC is a godsend since every other wall is a floor-to-ceiling window.

Did I mention the Free Skill Crane?

And the free Lone Star?

I love the back shampoo room, these chairs sit across from the big chevron wall.  The black high-gloss stripes running up the wall were a quick solution (suggested by yours truly) when no back splash had been planned for the sink, those shampoo bottles get messy too, so the wall directly behind them needed to be protected as well.

I found this light on ebay, it is my one true love

I also designed these 3D glasses, they're mighty special from the front as well, guess you're going to have to stop by the shop to see them.  For those of you in Austin, it's at 1902 South Congress, Just north of Magnolia Cafe.  You can also visit their site (designed by lil ole me) HERE

Will I Ever Get Sick of the Horse Lamp?

Hmmm, will I ever get sick of the Front Design Horse Lamp?  It really is a question for the ages.  After getting a glimpse of it at the Barcelona Raval Hotel in Barcelona, Spain, my guess is NO:

Holy God what is happening on that ceiling?

More! More! More!

Oh!  The reflection! Heart. Can't. Take. It.

ce qui?! Une Tufting??!!  

Oui! Oui!

Am going to need every last drop from every last bottle

Ever since I posted the Goldbar, it has been my default fantasy destination.  I've had a pretend wedding, make-believe dance party, and imaginary ladies night among its perfect gold skull walls.  While I'm not tired of it at all and plan many more fake vacations among all its gold-filled glory, I think the Barcelo Ravel is giving the gold bar a run for it's money.  I might skip the rooms though, the lounge is where its at.

Thanks, Yatzer for the lovely images 

Birds Is the Word

As most of you regular kids know, one of my most active (and favorite) clients is Birds Barbershop.  Lately I've been (happily) up to my ears in work due to their latest endeavor:  Birds on East 6th.  The third shop in 3 years just opened last Wednesday, our own Mrs. Erin photographed the new digs:

For those of you in Austin, the new shop is located just east of I-35, a stones throw from my new favorite bars, Shangri La, Rio Rita, and The Good Knight.

The interior design was a collaboration between co-owner, Michael Portman; local design fave, Joel Mozersky; and graphic designer, Bryan Keplesky.  PSST... Erin and I scored that blue bench while thrifting a couple of weeks ago, so I guess I got to play dress up as well.  And, yes, that is a Joust machine you see lurking in the corner.  

The red Eames shell chairs were a craigslist score, as were most of the shop's accessories.

Bryan Keplesky used images from around Austin's east side to piece together his awesome mural.  Austin Style Watch has a great write up (with photos!) about the mural creation.  Here's the short version:  The mural was printed in black and white on long strips of 36" wide paper and applied like wallpaper.  A second version of the mural was printed on long strips of 36" wide yellow paper that was then torn to pieces and wheat pasted in little bits over the first layer.

Bryan also created the mural at the first Birds Barbershop:

The boys then used a cherry picker and screen printed the mural directly onto the shop's wall:

et, voila:

Erin didn't take these pictures... but raise your hand if you think we should get her in there.

Just to prove my point that Bryan is a graphics genius, I'm going to veer off topic for a minute

Selected works from his portfolio, top row: Posters for author events at local book shop, Bookpeople; Bottom left: Allen Demling campaign fundraiser poster; bottom right: Gang of Four poster (I own this one but haven't found a home for it yet)

Bryan also did these early Birds promo posters:

Luckily for me, Bryan has a day job at local ad agency, Door Number 3, so I do all the graphics for Birds now.

Above is the space-invaders inspired second Birds location on Burnet Road.  Sorry, I don't have a good mural shot of this store, but it's real real pretty.

Incase you weren't inspired by the badass interiors, you may be interested to know that Birds throws down several times a year.  Above is my boyfriend Dizzee Rascal playing at Birds on Lamar during SXSW last year.  Here's what our lineup is looking like this year:

This year's show will take place at the new shop, you can see a larger version of the poster here.

If I still haven't won you over, what if I told you that every customer over 21 gets a free beer? 

photo by Cory Ryan

yes, they cut ladies hair, too, and do a mighty fine job.  Guys and gals can download a coupon for the new shop here.  (Did I mention that I do their marketing, too)

So, there you have it, now you dudes know where I'm spending my days, and nights, and weekends.  Not too shabby, huh?