Split Personality Throwdown

Hi, my name is Erin, and I'm two people. Ok, well to be perfectly literal I do in fact have another person growing inside my belly (weird!), but what I'm talking about is the other person inside my brain -- her name is Stacy. You can blame this identity crisis on my mom, who called all three of her darling children by their middle names, thereby ensuring an uphill battle to maintain a consistent persona. Mostly I have learned to answer to any name by which I'm called, but still I cringe when I hear "STACY!" barked out at the Dr's office and know the clueless registrar means none other than Yours Truly. Let me tell you about Stacy -- she's a nutcase. She thought her name was really Anastasia and someone (talking to you, Mom) made a terrible spelling error. Stacy revealed herself in high school, tired of finally fighting the good fight to just be Erin, dammit. Stacy was kinda grungy, dyed her hair purple, got a nose ring, went on to college and did, ahem, the things college kids do -- namely pull in a near 4.0 in between partying. Hard.

She likes a lot of color and for you to feel slightly uncomfortable in her presence.

Because there is a special kind of cognitive dissonance that occurs in the push/pull between organization and entropy.

She's a wild child, but the floors better be clean or she will whip your ass.

And of course you know me, little ol' Erin. My last house was pretty much black, white and gray, with a hefty dose of brown, because that is where I feel safe and comfortable. I am a rational being, and I don't need any overly decorative crap chintzing up my life.


That's not to say that Erin, I, whomever, doesn't have a sense of humor.

She just thinks you might feel more comfortable if the lines are clearly drawn, if things are proper and orderly.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

Now, if you can't yet tell, there's a hole in my brain and I'm struggling to balance the two personalities within. For a long time, the neutral, sensible side has been in control. But lately the crazy party ho has been yearning to break free.

Don't worry -- no part of me is actually a ho. That was just a little poetic license.

Anyway, I learned long ago that it's better to balance Jeckyll and Hyde, lest a monster break free and run rampant all up in my house, or it get so dreary and overly polite in here that no one feels free to do other than take tea and eat crumpets.

Not that I would kick a crumpet out of bed.

And there you have it, I AM a ho -- a carbohydrate ho.

At least there are some things all my personalities can count on.

Stay tuned to see how the other issues resolve themselves. My house is a battleground.

Advice (both decor and mental health related) is always appreciated.

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Color Me Rad

Here are a few things you should know about me: 1.  If I were to start a '90s tribute band it would be called Color Me Rad 2.  I'm not ever going to do that and 3.  I am writing a post about color today so my witty wordplay won't be lost on my own inner monologue.  You're welcome. In gearing up for today's post I found myself drawn to photos filled edge to edge in big, bold color.  While I'm most definitely steering my home decor ship into the land of neutrals, I still can't help but swoon when confronted with big bright pattern thrown right in my face.  Let's look, shall we?

Honestly, I don't even know what this is.  I'm sure one of you out there does.  Tell us, won't you?  For now I'm just glad to know someone had this idea and made it happen.


I think what I love most about this barn (as with the image above it) is the bright color splashed against a dreary backdrop.  The interest lies in the contrast.


Of course, color against color is pretty great too.  I especially love the little house on the prairie floral mixed in.  And apparently it's audience participation day here as I'm about to ask you dudes what the hell is happening with that magic light over there?

My affinity for beaded African seating continues.


Colorful neon bars hung vertically say "hey, neon isn't just for Miami and you're going to like it." Now, let's get some Laura Ingalls Wilder Wallpaper up in this joint and we'll be good to go.

These photos by photographer Alain Delorme pretty much rock my face off.  Why didn't I just make this whole post about him?  Expect to see him again, be prepared to act surprised.

We will not be making any Rianna references here other than to say that there will be no Rianna references.  This photo is dope and it doesn't sing through it's nose so, win.

And there you go.  There was color, it was rad.  You know what it did.

Gettin Twiggy With It

Yesterday Susie Q of Eye Spy Archive paired the Pantone fall fashion colors forecast with some beautifly styled photos by Studio Toogood.  Her post was nothing short of epic and I strongly encourage you to go check it out.  Inspired by Susie's post, I found these two images, styled by the ethereal Twig Hutchinson, that mix all of the Pantone Spring colors together:

Right now I'm pretty pumped on fall, but when spring does arrive, it looks like it's going to be pretty rad.