Slumdog Bazillionaire

You deserve a break today -- a break from my annoying, self centered preoccupation with silly paint problems. Ok, I'm also super busy with real life stuff, and I'm currently too tired to attempt painting with a toddler attached to my leg. Don't worry, I haven't lost my obsessive streak (is that even possible?). I have a date with Sanders this afternoon to crystallize my plans for world domination, and I hope to have a mostly revamped nursery by the end of the weekend. Right now I just need something interesting to nudge me towards completion... Something exciting! Something crazy! Something like this:

Marie Claire Maison

I'm sorry, but why did I not think to create Ike a Bollywood themed bedroom? I love the little beds with Ettore Sottsass paint jobs.

On another note, I want to say, Hey! Thanks! For writing in with your thoughtful comments. You've all been such good, helpful listeners. Maybe you have problems that you need to unload? Tell Mama all about it.