Technical Difficulties

Today technology has failed me in every way possible.  Faxes didn't go through (really, why are we even still faxing); cell phone "circuits were busy" (whatever that means); emails refused to send (I'm not kidding, it just said "no"); my BILLING AND INVOICING SOFTWARE DATABASE CRASHED (causing a minor freakout more terrifying than an earthquake with the swine flu - thank god I fixed it and I can pay my mortgage now); the automated postal system at the post office was out of order (leaving a line 20 deep for counter service, which I refused to stand in, so I went home to print shipping labels and the USPS site was down) and, most recently, the internet refused to allow me access to the images I planned to share with you today. My former boss would attribute this to Mercury being in retrograde.  I never believed her, but today was, as the kids say, redonkulus (how do the kids spell it?).  So, I'm done.  I'm checking out.  My husband, who normally holes up in the garage to tinker with some new project, has invited me to snuggle and watch a movie and I am ALL IN.  So, today, you get random pictures from a house I found that looked pretty cool.

I mostly like the bedroom, I think I will do this treatment to my bedroom walls.

(gosh, for a gal who was skipping the blog today, that was a rather long intro)

all photos by Diane Hendrikx via Office for Word and Image

(I scored a hanging light fixture just like that off ebay for $150 for Birds, it is now hanging in their new location on South Congress.  Erin will be photographing it to share with you dudes soon)

Oh, and the little roller ball on my mouse stopped working.  Wish me better luck for tomorrow


Living inside a Shanghai Night Club

Have I told you kids about the (almost) all black bedroom I'm planning for myself.  Ok, there's lots of white too, and some other yet to be determined color.  But there's still LOTS of black, alright?  Anyway, I was so excited to find this defunct YMCA locker room turned NY loft that is completely black:

While the client only had one request:  "at night, i want to feel like i'm in a shanghai nightclub..." her design team, the apartment, gave her so much more.  Ahem, did you notice the ART?

(yes that is a $3,500 Peter Gronquist Gucci chainsaw on her coffee table)

((but what is up with that coffee table, why the random throw, is the under table, like, super ugly or something?)

Anyway. I am IN. LOVE. WITH. these paintings over the owner's shoe collection (which is prominently displayed in the main living space)

I'm not loving these chairs and think that there is 1 lamp too many but, yes!  yes!  that pope painting is fab!

(who am I kidding, you know I'd probably be just fine with the chairs and lights if it meant that I could live here)

The designers suggested curtains rather than walls, keeping the dark space open.  (How do you feel about that rug there?)

The only light wall I found, a far cry from the subway tile that undoubtedly filled this joint when it was the country's first YMCA.

Did you want a conclusion paragraph?  Really.  No, no you don't.  You'll be fine with it ending here.