Black Sheep

As the proud parent of a very energetic toddler, I can say there are a few things I will never own: 1) a white sofa 2) a fabric sofa 3) another chesterfield sofa (you would not believe what secrets those button tufts can hide). I know a lot of people have their little munchkins trained to eat in (gasp) the kitchen or dining areas, which is right and good since that's where food should live. And it's not that I am trying to raise a wild animal, it's just that life happens. Well, that and I have a hard time standing over an 18 month old in the kitchen, watching him take his sweet time (like, at least an hour) futzing with four squares of PB&J. On the other hand, could this be the solution to all my problems?

Are you guys sick of all the Belgian linen slipcovers yet? I have to say I kind of love the romance of it all. Of course, you could throw a burning pile of poop in the middle of this gorgeous room and it would still look fabulous. But would this super soft look work in a more casual space or just come off as sloppy?

I do generally prefer a more tailored look for a sofa. I'm all for comfort, but I'm also a little concerned that the super flowy white slipcovers look like Aunt Martha just closed up her Hamptons home for the winter.

Now this looks kidproof. Black covers, they never get dirty -- the longer you use them the blacker they get.

I kind of always thought I wanted a white sofa, but I find this refreshingly different and super easy to pull off. Just think -- that fabric could be anything. Something that matches jelly would be preferable.

Happy Monday, dudes. I have a craaaaaaaaaazy busy week coming up, but Ima do my best to shower you with blog love. Maybe even every inch of my love.

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