I Birds Austin

Lately I've been very busy.  Ok, so I say that every other day, but this time I mean really really busy.  In addition to the backyard demolition and the guest bath remodel I've been working with superstar client, Birds Barbershop, to unleash a new campaign on our unsuspecting and fair city. See, with the word Barbershop in the name, people often assume that their core customer looks a lot like this:

With free lone star on tap, you best believe that several dudes get their ears lowered at Birds, but they also have customers like-a so:

And plenty like this:

Birds owner, Michael, and I have been brainstorming and coordinating this campaign for months.  All photographs were shot by Alison Narro, layout & graphics by yours truly, and the logo is a spin on an old austin bumper sticker from the '70s.  (BTW, I tried to find a pic of the sticker online and couldn't but trust me it exists)  Here are a few other posters I've put together so far.

The shoot took place over 4 days (one day at each Birds location) and all the models are Birds customers who just so happened to show up during the shoot to get a haircut.

If you're in Austin, keep your eyes peeled, these posters and ads will be popping up everywhere soon.  Treat it like a where's waldo, would ya?

Birds is the Word Again

So it's 9:30 on Monday night and I've just gotten off the plane from my trip to Albuquerque, where I got to check out more than a few awesome Bart Price houses (alas, still not from inside).  Congratulations to both Sherri and Freshly Found for their laser-like accuracy in Friday's where in the world contest, you made my decision tricky so you will both win bracelets from Naughty Secretary Club. Hooray!! Anyhoodle, as I mentioned, I'm fresh off the plane and have just returned to my computer after 4 days of work-free-best-friend's-wedding-bliss.  Despite my begrudging return to the real world, all is not so bad as my inbox included brand new pics of the newest Birds Barbershop taken by our own Ms. Erin.

You may remember that Erin took these pics of Birds on East Sixth just a couple of months ago.  The newest shop has a 3D mural created by local party planner extraordinaire and all-around badass, Luther Himes.  Psst... remember those 3D party pics I posted last week?  See, it's all coming together, right?

My favorite part of the shop is the 35 foot long wall with the black and metallic silver chevron stripe.  I had originally suggested a wide, angled stripe, then Joel Mozersky suggested we make it a chevron while at lunch one day.  I gave the design to our painter who then suggested that we put it at an angle.  So, it was a 3-way collaboration.  Yay!  Collaborative success!

Oh, unfortunately, at the last minute they had to put that ugly AC in.  But at least it's nice and cozy in there now.

That AC is a godsend since every other wall is a floor-to-ceiling window.

Did I mention the Free Skill Crane?

And the free Lone Star?

I love the back shampoo room, these chairs sit across from the big chevron wall.  The black high-gloss stripes running up the wall were a quick solution (suggested by yours truly) when no back splash had been planned for the sink, those shampoo bottles get messy too, so the wall directly behind them needed to be protected as well.

I found this light on ebay, it is my one true love

I also designed these 3D glasses, they're mighty special from the front as well, guess you're going to have to stop by the shop to see them.  For those of you in Austin, it's at 1902 South Congress, Just north of Magnolia Cafe.  You can also visit their site (designed by lil ole me) HERE

I (Barely) Survived SXSW 2009

Hello darlings! It's been an insanely busy end of week/weekend, plus I'm getting ready to fly to Hawaii tomorrow, so today's post is more picture diary than cutting commentary. Hope that flips your bic because, phew! -- I am TIRED. So, if you don't already know, Austin is host to the annual SXSW music festival. For a couple of weeks the entire city revolves around films, free music, free parties, and lots and lots and lots of free alcohol -- unless you happen to be six months pregnant like moi, in which case you skip the drinking binges. Dammit. I only made it out two days this year -- and even that almost killed me -- but I'm glad I went. The unborn fetus and I saw some great music, and we even have a few pictures to prove it.


Day 1 was dominated by the Bird's Barbershop party, which was new and improved over last year's rockin' party due to an explanded venue and extra special marketing efforts by Miss Karly herself.

erin and karly sxsw

Poor Karly had to squat down 500 feet to match my diminutive height, and sadly this is the only SXSW picture I have of us together, so enjoy!

king khan and the shrines

King Khan and the Shrines are like some kind of a bizarre, transatlantic James Brown.

n.a.s.a. sxsw

N.A.S.A. rocked the house with extra help from a martian cheerleader.


My pal Diana was assaulted by an extraterrestrial creature.

tricky sxsw

Later that night we went to see Tricky at the Levi's Fader Fort and I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

fader party

Day 2 was all about eating burgers at P. Terry's, and then heading back to the Fader Fort.

sxsw people

After jamming to a set by Bun B, Karly, Hunny Bunny and I, did a loooooot of people watching while waiting for rumored special guest Kanye West to show up.

kanye west

He finally did. Karly braved the crowds to get pretty close to Mr. West, but I stayed back for fear of having the baby squeezed out of me by frat tools. This was the best shot I could get out of my point and shoot, but you can still see his cutoff jean vest/jacket thing that Karly found most perplexing.

We skipped out after about an hour and apparently missed Erykah Badu and Common. Bummer. But we did have a lovely late night dinner at the Magnolia. Mmmmm... pancakes!

So, that's it for my SXSW coverage. Karly's got more for you on Tuesday, but I'd like to leave you with some shots of Kanye West's house, featured in Interior Design.

kanye west house

kanye west house

kanye west house

kanye west house

kanye west house

kanye west house

kanye west house

kanye west house

kanye west house

Not bad. It's pretty much a masculine mod shrine to Takashi Murakami and Andy Warhol, and I would totally live there. Except for this:

kanye west house

Or maybe I would live there because of this? All the music and ambient pot smoke must have befuddled me, because I'm really not sure.

Well, blog buddies, I'm going to be on vacation for almost two weeks. I'm sorry that I haven't had time to catch up on a lot of your awesome blogs lately, but hopefully when I return from relaxing on the beach I will be totally rested and raring to go.

While I'm gone, Captain Karlypants will be steering the ship with help from first mate guest bloggers Hello Gorgeous, Eye Spy, The Homebound, and Even Cleveland. Please be sure to tune in to check out their fantastico posts. Thanks for supporting our blog, and I'll see you when I get back!