Binge and Purge

As you've probably guessed, I have a decorating disorder. It goes a little something like this: watch, wait, buy nothing, get jittery from watching and waiting and buying nothing, buy everything, tire of almost everything, sell everything. Repeat ad infinitum. I've sold most of the big ticket items from my craigslist jag so inventory is now on the low end, and you all can guess what happens next... Except that I'm kind of enjoying the purge -- so much so that I might dig a little deeper and sell more. It's liberating, and I'm not mad about having a few extra benjamins kicking it in my bank account. But it's not like the wily monkey on my back is giving up without a fight. He's always tempting me with stuff like this:

Brian Park

I really appreciate the all overness of this look, and it does appeal to my need to cover every square inch of space with something -- be it paint, wallpaper, patterned floors, furniture, etc. I wouldn't want the empty parts to feel neglected, because no one like to see a sad room.

Darryl Wilson

On the other hand, a minimal palette and restrained use of furniture and accessories is so refreshing. I think it's hard to do this look without it feeling unfinished or sterile, but when it works, it's motherbleeping sublime. Check it:


Head Over Heels

Shoot Factory

Style Files

Marina Abramovic

Elle Decor

Sure, it doesn't have to be all white, but it doesn't hurt. More color and variety in materials = more temptation to head into binging territory. Oh, but the road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom, you say? Quite so. Quite so.

Miles Redd

Lee Radziwill's home

Anna Sui's home

Miles Redd

Christoph Theurer

Kelly Wearstler

Rachel Whiting

Now that you've had a visual feat, what do you guys think? Binge or purge? Excess or humility? Lady Gaga or Neko Case? Angel food cake or devil's food with chocolate molten center and sprinkles on top?

Oh, and don't worry -- SOOL is coming up soon. Pinky swear!