Update and a Small Score

Last Friday I posted that Karly and I were setting off in search of treasure, more specifically to score a set of four "bertoia" chairs at a local office furniture liquidator. Within 2.2 minutes of my post, I was informed by several super sleuths that those chairs were naught but knockoffs. And they were. Have I mentioned lately that DC readers are GENIUSES? Because you are. Anyway, those suckers were priced at $140 each, which is ridic since you can buy them off the nets for that price. Lame. The same store did have a signed Saarinen side table, as well as a Saarinen conference table for the low low price of 2k (ha!), so if any of you Austin highrollers want the deets, ping me and lemme know.

The afternoon wasn't a total bust. Karly, Ike and I, did the thrift rounds and I found a black Kartell Componibili storage tower for $9.99.


I want to put Ike's toys in it, but not before it gets hosed out and scrubbed down. It be kind of filthy. And a wee bit scuffed. But I still like it. I'm thinking about removing the casters, though. Also, I promise it will not be forced to hold that ugly plant pot for longer than absolutely necessary.

Here are some pretty pictures of other Componibili units I scavenged from around the interwebs:

Dangalang, now I wish mine were white. Oh well.

Lovely readers, I am going to be out of town for the next week, visiting family and watching my baby brother graduate from college. But never fear, we have a big week planned for you. First, don't forget that you can still leave a comment for the Poketo giveaway until 5pm today. Second, Collyn of ModFruGal will be here on Wednesday to regale you with a tour of her AMAZING home in Nashvegas. Just thinking about it is making me drool all over the keyboard. Do. not. miss this tour. And last but not least, I have a fabulous Ask Sanders post ready for you to peruse next Monday.

Didn't I say it would be awesome?

Have a great week, and I'll see you when I get home!

Fine Fine Diamonds

Ok dudes, no time for a biggo long post because K-Dawg and I are going to check out some chairs for her patio. Exhibit A:


These are advertised as "Hanry Bertoia" chairs and they're priced at $140.

Say what?

For reals. And here's the scoop: if these are actually Bertoia Diamond Lounge chairs, they be worth MAD skrilla. Like, almost a grand EACH. At least that's what DWR is listing them at. But is the price $140 for each chair, or $140 for the set of four? Dunno. And I'm not calling ahead to sound the "oh shit, maybe I underpriced these" alarm. Also, are they just knockoffs? Because, according to the interwebs, knockoff chairs are priced at $140 each. Hmmmm, very suspicious. Also, I don't know whether to expect the real deal from a seller who can't spell Harry. Seriously, man... Hanry? Were you confused as to whether it might be Henry or Harry, and just decided to split the difference?

Cross your fingers and hope that Karly is about to score the deal of the century. And don't forget to tune in next week to see what happens.

Oh, and while I'm nagging you guys, be sure to leave a comment here by next Monday for your chance to win a super rad recycled tote bag from Poketo. I already have my jealous stink eye ready for the winners.

Happy weekend!