Cool Cats

A double dose of dastardly just opened a can of whoop ass on me, and I fear the only way to survive Monday + a face melting high of 108 degrees is to... hide. One of these places should do.

white bed

chahan minassian

white bed

I actually have a super busy week of shopping with the inlaws coming up, and I'm hoping to shower you with progress pics of my own home as well as theirs very soon. I promise things are happening, but when it's 108 degrees outside, things just happen verrrrrrry slooooooooowlllllly.

Later, taters. Have a great Monday!

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Can You Help Me Buy a Bed?

Wouldn't it be nice if I actually bought something instead of just talking about buying something? Well, today is my birthday and I think I'm going to spend that capital on a fancy new bed. I'm currently agonizing over two options, and I know you fine people will happily tell me what to do. Let's check out the playas:

I know I know, the styling and photography make me want to claw my eyes out, too. But this sucker is only $255 for a king from Overstock. I have black nightstands so I would definitely go with the black frame. It's only 11 inches high which is ok, but it could be lower... maybe I could saw the legs off? I'm also worried about the corners jabbing my shins in the middle of the night.

Then there's this guy from West Elm (thanks for the tip from kind commenter DMS). I love the proportions, and it's only a shade over nine inches high, which is perfect. But it's $400 (plus shipping and tax), and I'm not sure how I feel about the white with my black furniture...

You can kind of see my nightstands in this ugly picture I took for craigslist when I posted our bed for sale.

So, what do you guys think? Black or white? Or something else? I'm open to anything cheap and low slung platformy. Headboards need not apply because I think once lowered the bed will sit just beneath window. Then I can switch out the curtains for some roman shades and this room will be done. Hooray!

But first I need to choose a bed. Help.


It's Oh So Quiet

I have laryngitis. I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but it's really very annoying. Thank goodness I can still type (although watch me get fingeritis next, because that's how the MF cookie has been crumbling around here). I do realize things could be much much worse (I got to eat pizza last night!), and so I hereby do solemnly swear that no talk of illness shall issue forth from my fingers next week. It will all be sunshine, rainbows and sparkle puppies licking bubblegum ice cream cones with unicorns on top.

But that's next week. Today we are headed to the quiet box.

tom scheerer bedroom

Tom Scheerer

suzani bed

Via Nero Chronicles

elle decor bedroom

I think you can read.

bookcase bedroom

Via Head Over Heels

erin martin bed

Erin Martin Design

I'm not dead yet (imagine my best Monty Python impression), so I would like to spend my convalescence in a room that is quiet, yes -- relaxing and soothing. But also interesting. There has to be a little something something going on to inspire me to fully recover and conquer truly urgent, earth shattering problems, like how am I going to wean Ike off all this horrible TV I've been letting him watch while we both lay on the couch like plague infested slugs?

I promise. No talk of sickness next week. Not one word.