The nice cleaning lady is here for her inaugural visit... I think she was kind of scared when she looked at the floors. I am having some terrible guilt attacks about sitting here doing nothing, so I'm going to show you a bunch of mockups I did for our bedroom and then email bombed to Naomi last night. Now I look busy and important enough to have someone else doing my dirty work.

Our bedroom is currently a barfy shade of green khaki that must be stopped... we already painted the ceiling and now I must settle on a color to cover up the patchwork quilt of paint samples that is spreading up and down the walls like mildew.

I have been desperately trying to create a sunny peachy ivory oasis, kind of like this:

But our bedroom is too dark and unoasisey to make it happen. I think I have to go bolder. Cooler.

erin williamson

I could use the extra gallon of paint I have from Ike's room, but would it be weird to use the same strong color in a master bedroom and a kid's room?

Would the fact that the color is named "Deep Secret" make it even weirder?

erin williamson

I also have a sample of this greeny blue color, but I think the green may be too cloying. Not that I'm picky or anything.

erin williamson

Perhaps a cool purpley blue? I don't know if I look good in this color, so my vanity may prevent this from happening.

I'm generally obsessed with this room. I already foisted it upon Jenny, who is having paint issues with her own bedroom:

But I'm also a little concerned that three cave rooms in one house is at least one too many.

However, our bedroom is pretty dark... we have one big bay window that faces south but it also faces the street. We live at the back of a culdesac so there's not much traffic. But still, I don't want the whole neighborhood watching our private business.

I'd prefer to keep that a deep secret.

So what do you guys think? Do you like any of the mockups? Suggestions for other non crazy colors?

I can't handle uber coral or pink pizazz in the bedroom. I think I'd like to keep things in the green or blue range, for continuity's sake.

If you have favorite paint colors, spill it.

Headed out to bother Sanders now.

He is so nice not to kill me.