State of the Union Address

You guys really love you some Thibaut Cheetah, and who could blame you? It does feel a little Zsa Zsa Gabor on acid, which can only be a good thing. Part of me feels like I need to jump that cat and plaster it all over the place, but the other part of me is realizing how unclear my vision for this whole nutty faux Tudor house is, and how difficult it is (for me) to commit to expensive and/or permanent finishes. I have to cop to a certain fetish for the Cole and Son papers because they're easy to hang, non woven, and can be stripped from the wall in one piece -- thus saving commitment phobes like me from much hand wringing. I mean, what if I hang not-easily-removed Cheetahs all over the baby's nursery and one day the kid wakes up terrified that he/she may be mauled by rabid felines while sleeping? It could happen. On the other hand, I'm sick of decorating like a poor, itinerant loser. I'm tired of wimpy rooms that could be reshuffled into endless ho hum configurations. Isn't it nice to see a room that's dressed to the nines?

I'm trying to push myself to get crazier, and also to create more finished rooms. But that requires some serious planning.

And money.

And more wallpaper samples.

But don't discount Cheetah yet.

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