Oh, it's a beautiful day, filled with glitter and puppies and warm apple pie with sparkly sprinkles on top!

inauguration day

At Obama's inauguration, I expect there will be unicorns and rainbows, with pink cheeked babies and parades of fairy princesses. (If you're a boy, I guess there will be... trucks? Sports? What DO men like, anyway?) Unisex fireworks will light the sky and the grime of dark ages shall be swept away by the glow of a truthy new Renaissance (insert angel's trumpets here).

So in honor of this special day, I am passing on pedestrian red, white and blue, and instead I am going straight for da dazzle. Only happy objects shall grace these pages, only glowing bastions of brightness. But I'm omitting already obvious lamps and chandeliers, for the aura and glow of better days to come must be shared by all.

aladdin table

Stuart Haygarth's Aladdin Table is designed to act as a museum showcase for precious, sentimental objects. Let's say we stuff this sucker full of a better economy, peace in the Middle East, and a brighter, more purple future for our children.

suck uk coffee table

Have a seat around this Illuminating Coffee Table and develop your plans for a new world order. Item one on the manifesto: There must be more hot pink. Everywhere.

birgit ostengaard

If you're feeling a little lost in transition, perhaps these Top of the Iceberg lights by Birgit Ostergaard can help you find your way through the darkness. They might also remind you that after Obama conquers the economy, war, education and healthcare, he probably should deal with that dastardly global warming.

refined sugar studio

In the new world, no one shall go hungry, and this thousand-points-of-light table by Refined Sugar Studio will help to remind you that you are fortunate to have oh so many choices for foodstuffs: you could eat meat, eat fat, or even eat me. I am really hoping the Eat Me option is meant to evoke the slang, and not meant in a Soilent Green kind of way. That is not a vision of the future I want to embrace.

lite brite table

Of course, you could configure your own destiny with this Lite Brite Table. So turn on the magical shining light and make a steamboat, a chicken, a tropical fish -- a lemonade sign or whatever you wish! Aren't you loving the shape of things to come?

In this new shining era, everything will require you to wear your sunglasses at night, so you can -- so you can -- see the light that's right before your eyes.

lee broom

See what I mean? She's obviously blinded by the light, hence the outfit. In her defense, Lee Broom's manipulated furnishings are pretty effing cool despite possessing potentially damaging effects to one's retinas.

lee broom

On the other hand, a little extra illumination never hurt anyone. Unless you enjoy wearing clown makeup.

lee broom

I'm suddenly considering getting crafty with my Chesterfield couch... This just looks so darn comfortable!

lee broom

Oh, weird circus Thonet, you light up my life.

lee broom

This is where I would sit and consider the first day of the rest of your lives... ooops! I mean, that's where Obama would sit.

yonoh coatracks

After a long hard day of plotting, planning and designing, take a break and hang your hat on these groovy glowing coat racks by Yonoh Design. Enjoy the lovely, wholesome glow of sunny days that are sweeping the clouds away... Yes, friends, we are on our way to where the air is sweet!

But, can you tell me how to get a ride to the inauguration street?