Viceroy Anguilla

When I first came across Kelly Wearstler's latest foray into megahotel decor I didn't think too much of it, as it just seems to be Kelly's beach house on steroids. But you can never underestimate the Wearstler's ability to awe and inspire. There are some wicked fascinating details in here -- some really good and some just really weird. Let's have a look.

With a neutral palette and signature mix of natural materials and bold forms, the Anguilla is 100% Kelly.

Complete with seaweed luxe lighting and a befedoraed concierge.

Sconces mounted on patinated mirrors? Why, yes.

Crystal lamps and burly wooden finishes? Mmm hmm.

Karl Springer boner.

Marble marble on the wall...

Who is the fairest of them all?

I want to get drunk here.

And then retreat to my lounge, away from the riff raff.

That's my ocean, bitches.

Yes, all of it.

So most of the weirdness comes from this creepy interloper who keeps trying to gank my room.

Ok, and maybe those lamps are a little hangman's noose, too.

Happy Tuesday!

[Kelly Wearstler, Viceroy Anguilla]