Let's Talk About Accent Walls

So I had this plan, see, to paint a dark accent wall in Ike's room, see. But then I got to thinking: is that a really dorky idea? I mean, I'm not indicting all accent walls, mostly because I already have one:

That would be the long wall spanning the kitchen to dining area. PS, I really need to reshoot this room because all the stuff piled on the chesterfield is making me stabby.

The other side of the wall. Don't worry, those sconces and their damned infernal cords are gone, baby gone.

So I feel like an accent wall can work well if you have something of architectural interest to highlight.

Anna of Door 16 just painted her fireplace wall black, and I think it looks smashing. Karly has a black fireplace wall, too, and it's the bee's knees. But those lovely folks have cool stuff in their rooms. What about an accent wall in a regular old box shaped bedroom, with regular old 8' ceilings, and regular old windows.

Nate Berkus seems to think it's ok.

But sometimes I can tell it's definitely not ok. Sometimes it looks like Trading Spaces got all up in the room and was like, hmmmmm... I like blue AND I like red... I just can't decide... I know! Let's use them BOTH!!!!

And the result is nothing short of vomity drivel. Although that is one hilariously spectacular photoshop job.

So, I ask you savvy readers, when is an accent wall ok? Is it ever ok? Tell me all your thoughts while I continue to repaint 18 different samples all over Ike's walls. Patchwork is in, right?