Goldbar 2.Oh yes!

Way back in the summer of 2008 (yes, we've been here THAT long, we're old now and wear support hose) I posted the most stupendous restaurant / bar ever to come across mine eyes.  The Goldbar in NYC has my heart but today, today I might be willing to give my soul to another restaurant that's come calling.  Enter the Juliet Supper Club, also located in New York City (this isn't fair, guys) it is the stuff dreams are made of:

pattern on pattern on pattern topped with super slick gloss = um, yes please.  That ceiling!!!!

But I will warn you not to waste your time visiting their website as you will be bombarded with what is surely Pauly D on the ones and twos along with a stunning visual that involves fire behind a tequila bottle.  hint:  it's really not stunning and makes me want to ensure that this place is empty when I visit.

klein blue tables, mirrored copper tiles and navy hatch-pattern upholstery.  We would have put those together, right?

more applause

after finding the supperclub, I had to check out the designers, Bluarch, where I found these gems:

The Dekko Cafe in Queens, NY

Hudson Eatery in New York City

Apparently I like things that glow en masse.  go figure.

Dear God, Please Let Everyone Like This Post

I've tried writing today's opening paragraph several times but keep erasing it.  Today's post is all about churches and church remodels and people tend to get a little touchy when you start chatting about the Lord. So, for the sake of maintaining readership (I love you all as though you were my very own children and I don't want to make any of my babies sad or angry) I'm gonna hop right to the holy slideshow.  

 If it were up to me, the designers of Qubus Studio would get a free pass to heaven for such excellent work on St. Bartholowmew's Church

Despite how lovely St. Bartholowmew's is, it's probably more likely that I will be found in a church that has been renovated into something else, like, say, a bookstore:

Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht, Netherlands, 4000 square feet of pure heaven.  See:

Isn't that cafe to die and ascend to the afterlife for?  Apparently, it's somewhat controversial and some folks don't like the cross table.  But, hey if we're gonna be cool with Luke 6:38 Roll Gum, then we gotta be cool with a cross table, right?

Since I tend to worship at the alter of what's for dinner, the White Rabbit Restaurant in singapore has me singing hallelujah 

Dining and reading in a defunct church sounds just fine, but I'm not so sure about living in one:

Of course, I probably wouldn't be too mad at the Lord above for blessing me with such lovely windows

So, what do you say, are you totes in love with the church remodels:

Or are you still trying to figure it all out?

Light intallation by Robert Stadler at the church of Saint Paul in Paris, 2007

Will I Ever Get Sick of the Horse Lamp?

Hmmm, will I ever get sick of the Front Design Horse Lamp?  It really is a question for the ages.  After getting a glimpse of it at the Barcelona Raval Hotel in Barcelona, Spain, my guess is NO:

Holy God what is happening on that ceiling?

More! More! More!

Oh!  The reflection! Heart. Can't. Take. It.

ce qui?! Une Tufting??!!  

Oui! Oui!

Am going to need every last drop from every last bottle

Ever since I posted the Goldbar, it has been my default fantasy destination.  I've had a pretend wedding, make-believe dance party, and imaginary ladies night among its perfect gold skull walls.  While I'm not tired of it at all and plan many more fake vacations among all its gold-filled glory, I think the Barcelo Ravel is giving the gold bar a run for it's money.  I might skip the rooms though, the lounge is where its at.

Thanks, Yatzer for the lovely images