Ok, I need to just steal this woman's life

Let's harken back to last Tuesday (oh, times were so good then) when I first posted the all black apartment and we collectively drooled over the art collection.  After sleepless nights of wondering who the purveyors of such fine works were I decided to write the design firm responsible for appointing my dream loft.  Not only were they kind enough to write back post haste, they also tipped off the resident whom, I've now learned, might be THE COOLEST LADY ON EARTH.  Cindy Gallop has impeccable taste, a dream career, the world's most perfect apartment, and, apparently, the time to leave wonderfully witty comments on our blog.  Oh, and now I know who is adorning the walls of her exquisite pad.  Prepare yourself for extreme amounts of envy. First up, David Piddock (the dream-worthy artist who created the paintings over the equally impressive shoe collection):

Crossharbour 1

Something about this reminds me of Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand Jatte (isn't a waterway on a horizontal canvas enough to draw that comparison?) Yet, rather than a laizzes faire luncheon, our 21st century citizens find themselves surrounded by an oppressive and inescapable depression.  Mama Like.  Here's more:

Exchange Square 1

The perspective!  The pallet!  The mood!

Tower Bridge

Show of hands:  How many of you would give your first born for one of these paintings?  Should we start a club?

Cindy's excellent collection doesn't end there.  She also introduced us to creepy (and therefore fabulous) painter, Paul Richard:

clockwise from top left: Gerbil Pope II (as seen in Cindy's home); Gerbil Pope III, All Creatures Great and Small; Koala Pope; Gerbil Pope IV

Not only does the artist take photos of himself with the paintings, he also paints himself.  A LOT:

Superman I; Superman

So, let's get this straight:  Richard has painted himself as the late actor, Christopher Reeve, post accident.  I can dig it.

He also painted these doors especially for my dream hallway:

Kai and His Dog; Nan and Her Sculpture

That Dog is killing me.  That's a good thing.

Gallop also counts among her favorites collage artist Alexander Echo:

Young Tom's Dream


How about, rather than Untitled we call this:  Please ship to south Austin immediately, bill me later.

Now, we've all already fallen in lurve with the Gucci Chainsaw, but who doesn't want to see a few more glitzy  machines of destruction?

from Peter Gronquist's The Revolution Will Be Fabulous

Not into guns?  What about Reptiles?

I will expand the original charter agreement of my club to include any members who would like this gator in their yard.

And finally, just so that the scariest photos on this blog don't come from my pending Top Design post, here area few quaint photos from Cindy Gallop favorite, Alex Norden:

I am 100% sure that I will be the 4-eyed lady for halloween.  I'm not kidding.

So, there you have it.  If you weren't already convinced that you wanted to take over Ms. Gallop's life, I'm pretty sure this should have done the trick.