Yum! My soup tastes like animals.

Recently I was asked by Elle Decoration South Africa to write a guest post on their blog.  After doing a little happy dance, I proposed a post on my current favorite subject:  animal furniture.  You know I love it and I'm going to make you love it too.  Well, my post is up today!!!!  I urge you all to scoot over to Elle and read it, post haste.  Once you are done, you can make the walk of shame back to our old stomping grounds (that's right here) to read my corresponding, celebratory ANIMAL DISHES post.  Hooray, it's animal week couple of days here at Design Crisis and we're going to party, animal style! I'm going to get this party started right/quickly with my vary favorite animal dish of all:

deer bowl

KA-POW!  There it is!  The most perfect dish ever created in the history of time.  If I owned this dish I would never again oversleep, for I would jump out of bed at the crack of dawn ready to slurp up my cereal and say hello to my new friend.  What's that?  You all want to get up early, too?  Goody, we can all have breakfast together, pick your bowl:

animal bowls

jeeze-o-flick this is a tough decision I am forcing you to make.  Look at the GOLD on that snail, it's bowl perfection!  Thank you Nymphenburg for commissioning uber artist Hella Jongerius to create my dream dishes.  Not thank you for charging $3,529 per dish.  

If you are liking the animal-in-my-bowl look but are hoping to have a little more room for something like, oh, i don't know, food, perhaps you would prefer this:

lamb bowl

Awwe, yes, a little baby lamb, right there to say hello to you when you slurp your spaghetti.  Careful!  Don't hit is wittle head with your spoon!  A+ Monique Goossens, you have the top design.

Are you all pounding your forks on the table begging for more?  You're the boss:

bird plates

Ok, so these plates don't have an insane awesome figurine sitting right on top of them, but price-wise, they're actually attainable, PLUS, the fact that they look like 2 sets of plates fused together is totally freakin rad.  I love the idea that 1. it looks like plate fusion but that 2. one half of the plate always matches the other plates.  Gee wiz Jason Miller, that's some smart designing.

Here are the matching teapots.  Because everyone needs a teapot:

miller teapots

I like that the shape of this pot is traditional, as is the image, yet, the placement of the bird makes them totally hip and interesting.  Subtle changes make a big difference, I guess.  I really wish I knew more about subtlety.  But I don't, which is why I'm about to show you this:

What up, yo?  Yeah, I'm just a taxidermied head teapot, no worries, it's all good.  You want some tea?  yeah, you can go ahead and pet my fur while you pour it.  Yes, very soft, isn't it.  ummm, yummy death tea.    What's that?  You wish you had a fur tea cup to go along with your new teapot?   If you had 10 gazillion dollars then you could get the first animal dish ever made:

fur tea cup

Méret Oppenheim's original animal dish:  the fur lined tea cup

Enough with the history lesson!  Moving on:

ant plates

These hand painted dishes from Supermarket are just begging to have a song written about them.  Something to the tune of Bananas in Pajamas.  You write, I'll sing.  Deal?  Deal.


horse dishes

AHHHHH!!!!!!  I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M JUST NOW POSTING THESE!!!  Deep Breaths, Deep Breaths.  You know how much I love horses!!  Holy moly my head is spinning.  Can someone please please for the love of god buy these for me already? They're from Bodo Sperlein's Re-Cyclos Series for Lladro,  you can purchase them there  

Since you all have to run and fill up your shopping cart on my behalf, I'll go ahead and wrap this puppy up.  Here's our last dish of the day:

kangaroo bowl

Hippity Hop, it's Michael Aram's kangaroo bowl.  Gold + Animal + Dish = Karly's little private heaven.

So, to recap:

1.  We love animals, specifically, inanimate one's that make our house pretty / special

2. We are going to read my SECOND post for the day over at Elle Decoration South Africa

3. We are very proud of Me for Both of my posts

4. Purchasing horse tea cups 

5. Coming back tomorrow for Erin's continued animal celebration.  what up animal party!