Daydream Nation

Sweet baby Ike is sick today. Nasty sick -- like twin rivers of Tigris and Euphrates snot sick. It takes a special kind of mama love to kiss a baby's slimy germ infested face, to comfort them even when they cry like... babies. So, either my nurturing mode is in high gear, or the sleep deprivation is getting the best of me, because when I saw these pictures by Adele Enersen, my icy black heart just melted.

Enersen photographs her baby Mila while she sleeps, quietly (I imagine) constructing impromptu sets out of sheets, socks, blankets and books, for her slumbering stage. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by the creativity, or by the fact that Enersen's baby is such a great sleeper... Ok, the creativity part is awesomer (by a small margin).

Have a great weekend!