Summer in Paris

Do you know what's stupid? The current weather conditions in Austin. Sure, one would expect central Texas to be a blazing, barren oven of hotness come mid July and August, but it's barely June and the temperatures are already soaring over 100 degrees every damn day. The heat is giving me cankles, and really -- my nice feet were all I had left. In another week, I will complete my transformation into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, pasty white skin and all. People, I am broiling like a rump roast here, and I need to get away!

antoine manuel paris metro map

Ahhhh, sweet Pareeee! This Friday it's projected to be a balmy 69 degrees with summer showers in the Gallic capital, and that sounds FANTASTIC. I think I should hang this poster of the Paris Metro Map designed by Antoine and Manuel in my office to remind me to stay cool. Also, relative to most of the superawesome stuff we post on DC, this poster is nigh affordable. At a mere 60 Euros, with an exchange rate of 5 million USD to 1 EU, that would make the poster a mere 300 million American dollars. Doh! Maybe you should wait until the dollar is worth more than nothing before you order it...

Psssst: you can also see Antoine and Manuel's crazy faceted cabinet, manufactured for Bd Barcelona, in this post.

Have a great weekend, but be sure to tune in next week for our super rug giveaway! That's right -- we're giving away a brand new, free rug! Wheeeeeee!