Sui For Me

Half way through the last issue of Elle Decor I decided to cancel my subscription.  The magazine's embarrassing embrace of John Mayer's mind-numbingly dull apartment had me oscillating between fits of rage and nightmare filled sleep.  I was done.  Well, until I reached page 122

Margaret Russell chose to counter-act the Mayer coma with a love letter written personally to me in the form of Anna Sui apartment photos.  If any of you have a copy of the magazine I urge you to take a magnifying glass to the mirrored wall on the right side of this room.  If any of you want me to love you forever, find, purchase and deliver the wallpaper to me asap.

I do not pretend to know what is happening behind the sink, and none of this alone is really my taste, but I am mighty fine with it all together.

Like the photo before it, I would never ever ever pick any of this out, but I would be happy as could be to wash up in this pretty potty.

A closet filled with Anna Sui couture.  Bummer

Ugh!  That wallpaper!  This photo spread really makes me rethink my whole house.  It's nothing like what I have, but I love the layered dark patterns.  Ok, so maybe I won't redo my house, but I will keep my Elle Decor subscription.

Guess what everyone!?  Tomorrow Erin is coming back!   Thank you so so much to everyone that covered for us while Erin was gone, you all have special places in heaven filled with kittens, baby whispers and anna sui wallpaper.