Stretchy McSpandertron

You all know I love animal furniture and if it were up to me (rather than my bank account) my entire home would be filled with creepy animal finds.  I would not be ashamed at all to put a horse lamp on top of a crab table and set it all right next to this whippet bench:

whippet bench

well, assuming all of the animal pieces worked with my color scheme.  Otherwise it would just be a downright embarrassing travesty.  The Whippet bench has been designed to fulfill all of my wildest dreams and fantasies by Radi Designers.  Almost everything I found on the bench or the design firm was in French and, despite my 3 years of high school language lessons, I didn't pick up on any of it as the site never mentioned where the library was or asked me to pass the fork.  I did recall enough of my latin roots to figure out that they also have this resin version in a limited edition of 30 pups:

whippet 2

would it be tacky to have the 4 color whippet inside and the blue one in my yard?  What If I had a giant version of this bench and I turned it into my house?  Still OK?

The stretched out whippet reminded me of this elongated bench I fell in love with a few months ago:

stretch bench

to be continued / bench, by Julien Carretero Design Studio

What if instead of filling my house with animals I filled it with stretched out things?  I find this polyurethane piece particularly exciting for it's texture and imperfections.  According to the designer: "each layer is casted on top of the one casted before following the exact outline of it. Because of the imperfection of the cast, the object slowly mutates and start designing itself." I'm sure work like that is easy and cheap and totally within my budget, right?  houses full I tell ya, houses full.

Keeping in the stretched out theme:

wood bench


Working Wave Seating, designed and fabricated by Susan Wood

I have another picture of this bench with a girl sitting on it that actually makes the stretch more exaggerated.  I decided not to post that one because she was wearing the lamest brown turtleneck sweater and mom jeans.  I know I'm getting off track (surprise) but how can someone spend so much time and detail creating such a beautifully designed piece only to photograph it next to a girl with a scrunchie?  Isn't a designer's vision supposed to be complete?  (back on track) the bent plywood bench is still welcome in my home any day, my well dressed friends can sit on it.