Some Things to Think About This Weekend

Happy Friday, homies!  Can I get a whatwhat?  Does everyone have big plans for Halloween?  I think mine start and end at giving candy to the kiddos in my hood.  Is that totally lame?   There you go, one of several things I'm presenting for you to think about this weekend:  am I totally lame for skipping halloween?

Here's another:  What's with the Swedes and their flag banner obsession?  I mean, I'm into it, but it's one tumblr shot away from replacing that red and white cross that they used to slap everywhere.

On another note, and in the vein of giving you goodies to ponder this weekend:  Is everyone watching Project Runway this season?  What was with Althea accusing Logan of stealing her ideas and then getting called out herself on the runway by Irena?  I don't know but I'm pretty sure there's a pot, a kettle, and Alanis Morissette's definition of Irony in there somewhere.

Also, what's up with the crap their making this season?  I think the producers did their cast scouting inside a suck barrel.

Ok, that's all.  Since I'm skipping H-Ween, I have to live vicariously through you, let me know what you're doing for the big scare-fest.