Sofa So Good

Remember how last week I decided I wanted a new sofa? And remember how you all (especially one extra kind New Yorker) were nice enough to give me all sorts of feedback on the CB2 Bolla I was considering? Well, I decided that since I didn't get 18 million comments screaming about the couch being the most comfortable thing known to mankind combined with the fact that I couldn't test drive it in person, i just couldn't bring myself to order a couch I haven't sat on. So, Erin and I went on a wee baby little trip to the haven otherwise known as furniture row in Austin. Ok, it's 2 stores in a strip mall, but doesn't it sound good when I call it furniture row?

First we fell in love with this $3,000 gem at Copenhagen Furniture (a decidedly 80s-esqu store specializing in leather sofas fit for Patrick Bateman's condo). What can I say, sometimes white leather just works. Oh, and did I mention that it was like sitting on a cloud made from baby tears and angel kisses?

Apparently baby tears and angel kisses are expensive to manufacture, so I had to be responsible and just say no. Everyone, please give Erin a round of applause for her nearly successful attempts to convince me otherwise.

A couple stops later we found ourselves at crate and barrel. I originally stopped in for another look at the petrie but one glimpse of the Oasis washed the memories of the tufted trendsetter right outta my hair. Oh dear Oasis! J'adore!! You are the one for me. Please tell our dearest Design Crisis readers how you look so different in person than you do in this picture. Be sure to let them know that your narrow arms and your knife welts add just the right touch of bohemian mod to your most heavenly comfortable downy filled frame. Will you also tell them that your linen slip cover is machine washable and (le sigh!!) totally pet friendly? Oh will you?! Tell them of our love!

So, yeah, I'm totally buying it. Like any woman who wasn't raised by wolves I knew it best to go home and sleep on a (ahem) $1999 purchase. But it's been nearly a week and I'm still giving my old sofa the evil eye while visions of the Oasis dance in my mind.

I plan to make the final purchase next week, which should have it in my hot little hands by mid-May. I'll send you pictures as soon as it arrives.

Oh, and one last final note: unless you have some god awful story about how this particular sofa literally ate your niece's leg, I don't want to hear any bad mouthing.

Also, a second last final note: AB Chao recommended this AMAZING LOOKING site for sofa purchasing. I highly recommend you look at every beautiful piece in detail. I almost went for it, but I just have to sit in it first.