Sick Day Presents For Karly

Poor Karly -- she is one sick little girl. She's been working so hard at her real job, plus staying up late to play with me and baby Ike, and don't forget the hella funny posts she's been writing lately. So, let's all give her some presents! Send me a link of a present for Karly in the comments section and I'll try to add them to this post periodically sporadically throughout the day. Here's my gift to her:

godiva factory japan

Mmmm, a visit to the deliciously creepy Godiva store in Harajuku, Japan, because who doesn't want to get slimed by a giant chocolate stalagtite? Ok, maybe this is for me...

If you don't already know, Karly likes gold and animals and lasers and weirdo artwork. I'm sure ya'll can find something delightful. Annnnnnd, GO!


Wheeeee! It's present time! The fabulous Sherri at The Claw sent over these SUPER FREAKING RAD gifts for Karly. How come you other posers aren't playing along? Stop pretending to work and get busy!


Awesome chairs from Moroso.


Tiger love from the most excellently named blog, Jellybean Weirdo.

laser deer

And then there's the piece de resistance! Holla!

Thanks again, Sherri!


Well, well, what have we here? Three glorious gifts from The lovely Raina of the If the Lampshade Fits have arrived on our virtual doorstep.

jaime hayon

First we have a fabulous gold lamp designed by uber hottie Jaime Hayon that shall be delivered by him personally. Yowza!

jaime hayon

Next we have an extra special wall mounted, horse head vase for Karly, whose heart goes pitter patter at the sight of anything equine. This one is also a Hayon original.

jaime hayon

And finally, a set of gold double doors custom designed by Mr. Hayon for Karly's house. Say what? Well, it's a good thing she's sick and I'm feeling magnanimous, because otherwise I'd hit her over the head with the lamp and steal the doors somehow. It would be easy to steal a pair of giant gold doors, right? Totally inconspicuous.

Thanks, Raina, for your amazing gifts!


Hey, looky here! JoAnn has been nice enough to send Karly a recycled glass tile from Ellen Blakeley:

ellen blakeley

Hey there, good looking!

Thanks, JoAnn for sending such a nice gift!


Hooray, the presents are a rollin' in now! Here's one from Cassie at Roseland Greene:

westminster toy clock

So, yes, that is a giant clock made from a zillion spraypainted toys. Did I mention in my call for entries that Karly specifically likes white, painted toys? Nay, I did not. But Cassie is just that damn good.

Thanks, Cassie!!!


A gift package from the magnificent Miss Tula at Whorange just came this way:


Yep. That's what it says, and you know you feel the same way. Here's the lowdown:

directions:  place macarons on plate.  eat macarons.  lick plate.

Thanks, Tula! nom nom nom...

esther derkx man plate
"fuck housework" plate by vandalized vintage