Shiny Kitchen Bling, Plus Some Other Stuff

I had ambitious plans to write an epic post regaling you with tales of golden glory longer than Rapunzel's hair. But since I was up late helping the in laws move into their fancy new pad and didn't even get to scarf down my pizza dinner until after 10 pm, I think I'm just going to keep it summer short (with some awesome good pictures at the end). Ok and maybe I was too busy swimming in their fancy new pool to put anything major major together...

Julie has already christened this "margaritaville" and I am quite sure she is right. Guess I'll break that to the inlaws, uh... now. They read this little old blog sometimes.

Anyway, expect A LOT of paint, furniture and kitchen posts to come in the next weeks as the inlaws have a ton of decorating to do. Woo hoo! We already kicked things off with an inaugural trip to Ikea, where I spied the most amazing mirrored oven:

Sorry -- pictures of this stupid oven are rarer than a one legged unicorn, but I think you get the idea. It's insane. And I think it belongs in one of these kitchens:

yatzer gold cabinets

I haven't the faintest idea what this gorgeous kitchen bar is made of... Karly would say angel tears.

Jesus, this kitchen even has a gold dishwasher, wtf do they need with a mirrored oven?

pia ullin gold cabinets

Uh.... yeah. Those cabinets + that oven = fingerprint hell. But also one heavenly kitchen.

Later, taters. I have important proxy shopping to do.

[Dimore Studio, Philippe Stuebi, Pia Ulin via Head Over Heels]