Secret Lover

Confession: another website has been stealing me away, but I'm stopping by our special happy place for a few minutes today, just to say that I still love you. Don't be mad, baby. Let's have a three way.

erin williamson

It's my new interior photography website! I'm still tweaking it (and will probably never stop tweaking it), but is finally up and running. Did you just say that is the most amazing site name ever? You can thank gin and Karly for that one.

Click on that link right now and tell me what you think. Lazy people, feast your eyes on picturez:

Dudes I am tired x infinity, plus I'm leaving on a jet plane early tomorrow to see my baby sister graduate from college this weekend (yay!), so I'm going to cut on out of here.

I'll try to stop by tomorrow, but if I don't make it have a supercallfragelisticexbealladocious weekend!