Scene Stealer

Craigslist can change your life, people. Behold what it did for our fellow Austonian Elisa of What theVita? fame, who scored a sweet Moravian Star fixture after reading a CL post that I wrote:

Remind me why I didn't buy that sucker again? Because it's almost like a real star sashayed into her window and took up residence, except better since you can actually turn that mofo off and catch some shut eye. Real stars just don't know when to simmer down, now do they? Anyhow, her bedroom looks supah flossy. Good job, Elisa!

mikkel vang moravian star

I'm really star-ting (oh god, I hate myself) to think I need one of these guys for the bedroom. Although I would not kick that bad boy out of my fancy man cave library, either.

moravian star

I really wish we could do a ceiling mounted fixture in the bathroom. This would be a 1000000000000% improvement over the tacky builder grade bar lights. Oh the shame!

So, I have a miserable spray painted chandelier in the bedroom that needs to be kicked to the curb and replaced with a flush mount fixture because Better Half Ben is as tall as I am short, and I think he is developing a dent in his bead where the top of said chandy has grazed him (lovingly, I am sure) a zillion times. I want a flush Moravian Star, but it's out of stock everywhere... grrrrr. Anyone have a lead?

Today is Ike's first day at day camp so I'm signing off and either A) jumping all over the couches and having a one woman dance party, or B) twiddling my thumbs while checking the time til pickup every 5 minutes.

Hopefully there is a C option available.

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