Save Me From Myself

Not even 4 days back into the design blogging lifestyle and I'm already trying to justify a $650 coffee table purchase.  Let's start with some back story:  Some of you may remember that I've been living large with the panthers for the better part of 2 years:

But since the introduction of the tiny blessing baby Eero into my life, I've come to realize that the wobbly glass topped felines may not be the best-baby-walk-trainer out there.  After several frantic craigslist and ebay linked emails with Erin I found this:

$650 of pure, swirly, formica and bronze cocktail table magic (plus $180 shipping).  I tried.  I really really tried to justify this purchase but if I were going to spend $830 on a coffee table, would this be the one?  Ok, yeah, probably.  Can you guys save me from myself, or is this actually justifiable keeping in mind that my budget was $200? Share your wisdom.  Pretty please.