Rug Talk on TV

I teamed up with super anchor Amy Hadley from YNN to bring you another segment of House Proud, this time pontificating all about my not-so-secret lover. Is there anything dreamier than a fabulous rug? I’m sure my husband would like to think so, but I’m not so sure. Sexy Persian wins again. See if you agree:

I am resisting the urge to nitpick everything about my appearance and house, because I really want to set a better example for my children. Also I would like to avoid heavy duty prescription medications. Therefore I will only nitpick a couple of things -- namely that microphone pack in back pocket + peplum top = Sir Mixalot Booty, and that my pre One Room Challenge dirty grout is giving me hives.

Score 1 for neuroses, 0 for mental health.

Nevertheless, being on TV is fun. I really like talking. And I love rugs.

Hope you enjoyed the show!