Rug Drama Part a Million

First of all, THANK YOU for commenting on Luke's room tour! Sorry I rewarded you by taking the next week off for spring break. I'm a jerkface.

So, I have a grand history of choosing, unchoosing, pondering, debating, analyzing, and general indecisiveness when it comes to rugs. Either the size isn't right, or the color is unknown, the pattern scale is off, or woolen tumbleweeds threaten to eat my home. No matter which way you slice it, unless you plan to just jute it up all over the place, rugs are hard. And if you're like me, you have champagne taste on a beer budget, which SRSLY compounds the problem. It's not like I can walk into abc carpet or the rug company and throw $10,000 at the problem. What's left is the west elm outlet -- which I have found to work well for scatter rugs -- or the internets.

Thank the bargain gods for ebay and overstock. I love them long time. But buying a rug you've never seen and will be difficult at best to return is a major pain in the warp and weft.

Buckle up and let's discuss the latest debacle, shall we? Some back story, first:

This? Oh, this isn't the problem. Sort of. See I bought this vintage Malayer rug off ebay a few years ago and I love it and its jewel toned, crumb hiding, hand made awesomeness. The problem, as we have discussed previously, is that it's too small for this loooooooong room:

I know. I can't believe our house looked like this right after we moved in, either.

To recap, the table is gonezo and now this lives back there:

Except of course I have compulsively rearranged stuff n things since then. Der. The credenza and the white console swapped places, and now I have a terrible desk but a better looking back wall.

I am all about practicality, aka I need a real (super awesome) desk.

Anyhow, the runner was a little overpowering and a lot slippery, I really really really need a rug back here to protect our floors from little boys and their floor gougery. Plus something soft and plush would be nice to sit on and play legos and other annoyingly small and many pieced games little boys like to play.

I previously tried a 6x9 rug, thinking it might fill the space.

I was wrong, and we all know where that rug ended up.

Here's the thing: what I really want is a 13x18 persian rug to fill the whole room, but even on ebay cool ones price out in the 2k range. Since the kitchen has me on mega budget 2013 with my belt strapped on so tight I fretted over a $7 Ross dress, 2k is just not going to happen. So I went off and spent $300 on another ebay rug that is too small.

erin williamson

Hey Erin, aren't you a professional photographer? Why, yes I am. But I snapped these iphone pics to show Karly right after I rolled out the rug, and then I promptly rolled it up. And threw out my back. So enjoy these gorgeous works of art. And enjoy the baby bouncer, most of all.

Also, please do not assume the console styling is for realz. And Gilbert, the leopard pillows are just for you.

erin williamson

6x10 hand knotted deliciousness... too small, right?

I should return this, right?

I need a 9x12 that fits almost end to end with the front room rug I already have, right?

Now I just have to find one that I like under $500. Also it has to flow with the other rug. Also also it has to look good with the back room stuff.






Sike! None of these are going to be under $500.

Rugs are dumb.

Please help me by either finding a cheap wool 9x12 that I like (I am tres picky), or by hiring me to take pictures and/or spend your money on decorating projects...

Assuming you have more money than me, that is.

Thanks for reading today's novel. I will be laying down and icing my back now. Me and my phone await your solutions to all of my problems.