Round Top Roundup

Last weekend Karly and I went to Round Top -- the most ginormous antiques fair EVER. Since I'll be updating the blog later today with a (hopefully) witty riposte on Top Design, I thought I'd post some photos of the fair along with a few of my fabulous finds to tide you over. Karly went back for seconds today, so I'm sure she'll be blogging about her own glorious adventures very soon.

The fair held many delights, and also more than a few scary items. Take these ladies, for example:

round top bunnies

One of the best stores was The Old West Shop, but the prices were pretty steep. Who knew you could buy a carved wooden horse with real human teeth, though?

round top old west

Another horse (this time atop a giant lamp post) -- one of the recurring motifs of the day:

round top horse light

Gypsies Antiques from Austin had a great booth with some amazing vintage lucite chandeliers and bathroom fixtures:

round top lights

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw these vintage industrial pull-down and scissor lamps. HOTNESS!

round top lights

Many animals roamed the grounds freely. This panther really wanted to come home with me, but I think my spoiled little kitty princess would be insanely jealous.

round top animals

A few booths had some great African art, and Karly wanted to steal these beaded chairs, but she couldn't fit them into her purse.

round top chairs

I thought this drum base would have made a cool end table if topped by a piece of glass.

round top instruments

All in all, we had a great day, and both of us indulged in out favorite pastimes.

erin and karly

Of course, the best part was the treasure trove we dragged home. Meet my new young buck, Brian. The store proprietor marked him at $15, but gave him to me for $10.


I already have enough chairs and lamps to open a vintage furnishings store, but I couldn't resist this pair of hoop chairs for $15 each.

All together now:

hoop chairs and brain

Honestly I bought the chairs for my patio because they're weatherproof nylon, but if I could figure out a way to paint them black, I might be inclined to keep them inside... Anyone have an idea?