Round Top Round Up Round Two

As Erin so gracefully documented yesterday it is currently the most wonderful time of the year here in Austin: Round Top is Here!  I sleep like a babe the night before Christmas, but for the days leading up to the biggest flea market in the south I am giddy with anticipation and barely sleep a wink.  I went 2 days this year (I usually do 2 or 3 days in a row and have never seen the whole thing, no kidding) once with Erin Bear and again on Wednesday with Jennifer, Hope and Fredda Perkins. I took my camera on day one but it turns out that Erin and I pretty much photographed the exact same stuff (shocking) here are the few things I had that were different than hers... and gosh, there was so much we BOTH managed to leave without capturing, I think we were just paralyzed with awe.

if there had been 6 of these colorful chairs they'd be flanking my dining room table as we speak

all the tweaker flea market vendors have ADORABLE wee little baby dogs.  I think its so we get suckered into their booths.  We thought this dog was fake at first (see Erin's insane faux animal round up) but he was real and innocently napping on this pile of lace tableclothes

Get a load of that wheel!  If it had been a tenth of the price (our joke of the day) it would be hanging in the hole in Erin's wall right now

Because I forgot my camera on day 2, I'm relying on some of Jen's photos to fill in the gaps:

Jen likes things that are 1. colorful and 2. insane.  That is why I like Jen.

If you would like to see more colorful insanity, read her roundtop roundup

But if you think you've seen the best of it, well buckle up little susie, I'm about to round-top-round-up my finds of the week, let's start with a bang, shall we:

I found a pair of these chairs in a dirt field next to a bunch of rotting lawn art.  I pretended that my heart was not racing 100 miles per hour when the vendor offered them to me for FOURTY FIVE DOLLARS FOR THE PAIR  thats: 2 chairs, $45 total, as in $22.50 EACH.  I didn't even try to haggle, which I am famous for, I took those suckers and ran.  According to the markings on the bottom they were created by the, now defunct, Contempo Metal Furniture company in Los Angeles.  Anyone know anything else about 'em?

Do you think that was my best find of the week?  Hmmmm, what if I showed you this:

This yellow formica table ($60!!!!!!!) looked absolutely stunning atop Erin's car while cruising down the freeway at 75mph.  I think it looks better now, though.  Note: this is not it's final resting place, it's going to be my new desk as soon as I clear out my office... oh that's an entirely different post.

But WAIT!  There's more!  Check out this....

PEAR LAMP! ($40!!!!!)  Don't be fooled, it's like 2.5 feet tall.  See:

again, this is not where my items will finally land, but I do love to look at all my finds together.

Here are some of my smaller roundtop trophies:

some glittery African fabric ($15!!!!) and a purple (huh?) US Army pillow cover ($5!!!!!)

A bizarro print of a dog protecting a little girl from another dog ($8!!!!!)

and finally:

a strange painting of a naked woman wearing a mask ($20 - no exclamation points)

Sorry for the lame photography, but seriously, don't you all want to come to Round Top with Us Next time?