Rooms I Don't Get Tired Of

Every few months I purge my interiors inspiration folder (once it gets too full for me to flip through enjoyably) and start fresh.  I'm usually pretty glad to move most of the images into an archive folder but there are always a few that I keep in my active file.  I just never seem to get sick of them.  Here are 2

Not too exciting, I know, but something about it just calls to me.  Erin would probably kick me off the blog for lusting after a room with such an offensive floral display, but I would defend myself by reinforcing the awesomeness of that sofa and coffee table.  Perhaps if she were to spend a quiet baby-free afternoon on that couch all would be forgiven?

If I took Erin's chesterfield and reupholstered it in white leather, then placed it next to my Oasis and followed that with a complete redesign of my living room, I'd have this.  See, I'm like almost there.

There were only a couple of other rooms that made the cut during my interior folder reorganization, but I feel like I've shown them to you 872 times, I was worried that if I went for 873 you just might stop reading the blog altogether, and we don't want that, now do we?