Rooms With a View

The possibilities involved in space planning are both staggeringly vast and frustratingly limited. I am constantly rearranging my furnishings, searching for that perfect balance of function and aesthetics, struggling to create movement and appropriate pathways throughout rooms (no chi blocking allowed). I shuffle chairs over there, only to find they looked so much better where they were. Switch this couch with that one, move the tv to another wall, change out the art and rugs on a monthly basis -- it's a full time job. When I get tired, I'd rather just plop down on my properly positioned sofa and spy on other people's rooms, so thank you Juergen Chill for feeding my voyeuristic tendencies.

Photographer Juergen Chill gives us a full frontal view of spaces both public and very, very private. Shooting everything from bordellos to office spaces, Chill's camera coolly hovers high above, revealing the intricacies of space as it relates to daily life.

I can't wait for Raina, the goddess of floor planning, to start mentally rearranging these spaces...

Hope you dudes have a fantastic weekend!