Rock On

I'm finally back from my action packed trip, during which I caught a dozen fish, ate tons of fried food, read four books, drove a total of 22 hours, endured a lighting storm at the top of a mountain, zapped my computer during above mentioned storm, and shopped my way through the Ozarks. Yep, I'm tired, but it was good to see family and recharge my warm and fuzzy side. Don't worry -- it won't last long. I was also inspired by the great antique malls in Arkansas (seriously cheap!!!) and all of the amazing ROCKS. Milky quartz crystals, amethyst geodes, nuggets of fool's gold, obsidian and a zillion other sedimentary wonders I'd never even heard of. So when I started catching up on posts from one of my absolute favorite blogs ever, I felt little tears of joy prick at the corners of my tender eyes as I gazed upon this lamp at Raina's superfantastic blog, If The Lampshade Fits.

Oh, Raina, if you didn't already know it, you are a girl after my own heart. Here are a few other drool-worthy rockin' lamps for us to bond over.

bond bowery lamps

Hubba hubba, get a load of the size of that pair from Bond and Bowery, second in price point only to 1st Dibs.

empel lamps

A fine selection from Empel Collections, first spied at Cote de Texas.

crystal lamps 1st dibs

A few good lamps from 1st Dibs. That pair on the right kicks driftwood and coral's collective ass.

My girly side loves the sparkly gaudy goodness of shiny rocks, while the rough cuts on these babies leave my tomboy credentials intact. I've seen them popping up in hot interiors everywhere, and this is one trend I actually... like. I'm always a sucker for contrast.

Ok, friends, that's all I've got for today. Sorry for the short post, but I should be back in full force on Thursday.