Repost: Color Me Bad

As Erin Mentioned last week, we're taking the week off for the holidays, and because, hey, we can't look at pretty pictures and type all the time.  This week we're reposting some of our earliest posts.  Here goes nothin: +++

My dear sweet ma is still in town, which has done wonders for my household organization but is really putting a damper on my blog posts (I'm thinking of starting a "while guests are in town" category, just to put all the sad, weak posts in one pathetic little corner). Don't get me wrong, the pictures you're about to see are ever so delightful, but my humor really isn't up to par (especially following Erin's great bathroom post yesterday).

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to be hanging some floating shelves in my living room, I have long planned to organize my books by color, so these photographs by artist Helga Steppan from her series, See Through, jumped right out at me:









Notice how she has, like, hardly any pink? I don't blame her. Red is great until it becomes pink. Also, notice the last picture, all the miscelanious stuff: I have been wondering what to do with all my books that have several colors, should I just throw them in a pile and take a picture of them? Maybe I can force someone to blog about them for me.

In other news: my new couch fabric came in today so I'm hoping to have a big fat couch after post soon. I also got some deluxe black and white striped fabric for my bedroom curtains (sorry erin, I'm going with a printed curtain).

that's all, time to go watch sad sad HGTV design shows with mom.