Random Mix

I realized recently that it has been about a hundred thousand years since this DESIGN BLOG posted pictures of actual interiors.  We've been going taxidermy and art and top design crazy lately and have completely neglected that which we all covet:  decoration porn. I keep a folder on my desktop with images of rooms I like that I find online, while I'm normally insanely organized, this folder has no organization or categorization what-so-ever.  In the interest of time, which I am very short on today, I have grabbed 6 totally random, totally un-related rooms and posted them up for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy:

Like I said, my folder is SOOOO unorganized, these photos could have come from anywhere, but I'm willing to guess that I found most of them at one of these two spots:  if the lampshade fits or desire to inspire.

Sorry to eat and run, I'll be back with your weekly top design update on Thursday and of course the Lovely Erin will weave you tales of humor and chicness tomorrow