Random Dreamy Bathrooms

A couple of weeks ago, Sherry asked us to start a dedicated bathroom blog.  While there's no chance in hell that it will happen, I'm more than happy to spend a day or two day dreaming about the bathroom I most certainly will call my own one day.  (I keep trying to break ground on our guest bathroom remodel, but every time I ask matty to bring in the jackhammer some new long-lost friend gets on the horn asking for a weekend crash pad.  pashaw.) Anyhoodle, enjoy.


I'm going to guesstimate that my bathroom has roughly 400 square feet of tile-able surface.  How much do you think this treatment would run me?  Under $12, right?

I know we've shown this before, I don't remember where it came from, but I still think it's magical.  Are you all 86ing the idea of black mirror tile throughout the bathroom of a house I plan to sell one day?

If the Lamp Shade Fits

We both had potty porn on the brain today

Les Carnets du Design

Via Desire to Inspire

I fell head-over heals for this space when I first spotted it on Completely Totally Madly

Les Carnets du Design

It's that outdoor-while-indoor thing we love!

Bo Bedre

Living Etc

I wish it were more practical

Living Etc

I love this space but I hate red.  What color would you make it?  Yellow?  Blue?

I'm not sure where I found this.

Happy Bathing, y'all!