Pythagorean Dreams

Remember way back to evil Wednesday when I was afflicted with the grumble grumbles? Well, this is me today:

arctic rock series

Yes, the clouds have parted and now I am summoning the spirit of Mother Earth atop a table mountain, in front of the glorious sea. Ok, not really. My stomach is triple that size and I am hunkered down atop a pillow mountain in front of my ancient computer, but you get the drift. Anyway, I'm working on seeing things differently, shifting my perspective, trying for a more multifacted outlook.

Well, that was officially the wost segue I have ever written for a post. Ignore my babbling and check out these crazy faceted finds that are sure to move you towards a whole new sense of geometry. Euclid would be proud.

faceted telescope

This intergalactic planetary telescope by Electronic Miracles is sure to change your frame of reference. Hopefully it comes with that dress, too.

tout va bien

Who knows what kinds of terrestrial delights one might spy through the scope? Tout va Bien Cabinet at Bd Barcelona.

fractal table

I wouldn't be surprised if it showed you an asteroid belt of these Fractal Tables by Platform.

hannes grebin

Kick back and chillax 21st century Grandma style in this Wing Chair by Hannes Grebin.

cutt flatware

This super sharp Cutt flatware series by Buchegger Denoth Feichtner Design of Austria is likely to bring a whole new angle to the same old dinner.

aranda lasch

Change your setting Aranda/Lasch style with panoramic displays of crazy colonies.

kahi lew

Hold everything with these finely crafted wood case pieces by Khai Lew.

bucky ball bean bag

Comfy seating is most important. Slip off your very cute yellow heels and sink into this leather Bucky Ball Beanbag by Mathieu Lehanneur.

maresa city hall

manresa city hall

I think I'm going to bring my telescope and beanbag and squat at the Manresa City Hall in Spain. I'm sure the view would be most enlightening. Who's with me? I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't mind at all.