Put Some Pep in Your Step

It's Monday. How does this keep happening? I suspect it has something to do with the Earth's orbit about the sun, and something else to do with the Jews and Babylonians and other ancient history stuff and things, but it's Monday and I really don't have the wherewithal to delve too deeply into the mysteries of time keeping. What I do have energy for is this:

via Roseland Greene

I feel like I just swallowed an entire Pez dispenser, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Here's some more candy for your sleepy Monday brain:

AB Chao's lovely home, featured in Anthology magazine. Don't you want to marry that Meredith Pardue painting and have rainbow babies?

Possibly the coolest bookshelf ever, via Marie Claire. Jasper Johns, yes?

Not my usual style, but I'm a fan of anything with Mick in the mix, via Nicolas Matheus.

This picture really deserves its own post. Actually, it deserves to be blown up and plastered all across this website because Cindy Sherman is just the most batshit crazy lady ever to turn the camera toward herself. Thank you, Raina. I love it!

The coming week feels ever so much more promising now, doesn't it?

In your face, Monday. BAM.